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Dear Friends,

It’s with great pleasure that, on behalf of Caritas Mongolia, I welcome you our new website. Our wish is to make this website a modern and efficient tool of comminication and information, thus, it contains all the information you need to know about Caritas Mongolia: its history, organization, programmes and activities even more.

This site will be regularly enriched with new elements and information, allowing you, in a few clicks to understand this rich, colorful young and organization.

From now on, you be informed in real-time about event that constitute our daily life: news, activities, meetings, projects, cultural and sporting calendar …., in short, everything that happens to us! Caritas Mongolia attaches a special importance to communication. It is essential that our friends, partners and all interested people are properly informed, but also that voices are heard. This is a necessary and required direction for the progress of Caritas Mongolia.

Therefore, we invite you discover Caritas Mongolia through the various information and photos prepared and presented here, just for you.

It is our hope that your contribution will help us enrich and improve not only the website but also and especially our commitment and the life of the people we work with. You are thus invited to bring in your inputs; ask your questions, make helpful and constructive suggestions, and of course your donation will be most appreciated. By doing so, you will directly take part in our journey to bring a better life to the most vulnerable among our Mongolian brothers and sisters.


Fr. Pierrot Kasemuana
Executive Director

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