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Caritas Mongolia is part of “Caritas Internationalis”, which is a Confederation of more than 160 Catholic aid, development and social justice agencies from around the world, working with the poor, vulnerable and excluded, regardless of gender, race or religion. Caritas seeks a world where the voices of the poor are heard and acted upon. This is a world where women and men in the poorest and most disadvantaged communities are able to influence the systems, decisions and resources that affect them. They can then live under governments, institutions and global structures that are just and accountable.

Inspired by Gospel values and the Catholic Social Teaching, Caritas responds to disasters, promotes integral human development and advocates on the causes of poverty and conflict.

Although the official registration of Caritas Mongolia, as a local NGO in Mongolia, took place only in 2010, its commitments started as a result of a Dzud in 1999-2000 that directly affected more than 450,000 herders and killed about 3 million animals. Many herders, as their livestock were destroyed, moved to urban areas where they faced a struggle to find work and shelter. Caritas Mongolia launched an Emergency Appeal through Caritas Internationalis to help herders in the countryside who bore the sufferings caused by the Dzud. Projects undertaken between 1999 and 2003 included: food relief, medical assistance (especially medicines and medical equipment provided to hospitals in the disaster areas), educational assistance, especially repairing dormitories where herders traditionally sent their children for board and lodging; and repair and rehabilitation of deep wells.

The main aims of establishing Caritas Mongolia was to witness to the universal solidarity with the poor and vulnerable; the realization of a just society wherein rights of the people are respected and integral development of the people is promoted; and wherein renewed and empowered communities are built. Thus, Caritas Mongolia’s mission is to build a sharing and caring community in solidarity and partnership for the wellbeing, and to restore human dignity of the vulnerable through an empowerment process.

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